Happy Groundhog Day! Does anybody know if he saw his shadow?

There are some traditions that are uniquely American, like Thanksgiving. There are others that seem to be universal to the Western world, like Valentine’s Day. I asked Caroline if there was any holiday today. Today, February 2, is Chandeleur, the celebration of lights…also known as la jour des crêpes. I’m still a little foggy on the religious significance of this day, but you can read about it here. In honor of this holiday, we had crêpes for dessert. I had mine with strawberry jam. Delicious! Along with making the crêpes, every person has to flip their own while holding a coin in the other hand. If you succeed in flipping your crêpe, you will have lots of money in the next year. I don’t think we used enough butter in the pan, because none of use could flip the crêpes.

Through a little internet research, I also found that Groundhog Day has its origins in Chandeleur. Perhaps next Groundhog day, I’ll wait for the groundhog while enjoying a perfectly turned crêpe.

(Also, happy year of the rabbit!)


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