Tonight’s Dinner

Here’s some food porn from last night’s dinner.

First we start with some fresh Dorade.

Then we season it with olive oil (Caroline made sure she emphasized that this is good olive oil), herbes de provence, salt, and pepper, and stuff a lemon slice inside.

Let that marinade and meanwhile cook some onions in oil until they turn a nice yellow. In French, they’re called blonde when they’re done.

Meanwhile, soak some white raisins in sweet white wine (we used wine de muscat), add some garam, honey (with thyme), and coriander. Let the raisins plump up and absorb the flavor.

Season the onions with corriander, celery salt, and deglaze with a sweet white wine. Add raisin mixture and reduce.

Bake fish separate. Keep sauce warm.

Check fish.

Serve fish.

Admire fish.

Eat fish.

…and some more food pics…


Julie and Macarons


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