Antigone is a neighborhood in Montpellier inspired by the grandeur of Ancient Greece and designed by Italian Ricardo Bofill. The layout of the buildings replicates the Todi Church in Italy. Bofill’s use of the Golden Ratio can be seen throughout Antigone. Constructed in the late 1970s, this area houses an Olympic pool, shopping mall, businesses, and beautiful pedestrian areas complete with Greek fountains.

Shopping Mall

There’s also a large library in Antigone called Médiathèque Emile Zola. I’ll admit, I had a bit of a geek out moment when we went inside. It’s huge!!!  Next week is midterm week, so I’ll be there on Sunday.


One thought on “Antigone

  1. Queenie!
    I am so impressed by your blog! It is so professional. I feel like I am reading a text book or guide book. It is so interesting and makes me want to visit France…

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