Night Dinner

For those of you who know me, even if only casually, you know I like to cook. Last weekend, I cooked a lot 🙂

Saturday night after coming back from the excursion, Casee and I prepared an American night at her host family’s place. The menu: Jalapeño Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Hot Wings, Sweet Ice Tea, Lemonade, and Brownines. There was also a bunch of American Candy sitting out that Casee’s family back home had sent her (York Peppermint Patties, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Sour Patch Kids, and Hershey’s Kisses).

I will admit, I was a little scared about how everything would turn out. When we made the brownies, we didn’t measure anything (because they don’t have measuring cups here). It was a miracle that they rose and yet another that they actually tasted good. The hot wings were based on my mom’s recipe, but there’s no Frank’s Red Hot here. So, I used a somewhat strange mix of Tabasco, Harissa, Ketchup, (French) Mustard, and garlic. It didn’t taste like home (it was a little sweet), but it turned out OK.

Something I didn’t really realize is a very American concept is eating with your hands. We do it a lot. So do the French, they just do it much less.

After dinner the dancing started. That’s right. We showed them The Electric Slide, The Twist, Soulja Boy, and YMCA. I think the most memorable moment of the evening is probably Casee, and her host sisters’ (Claire and Anais) faces when their dad (Andre) started doing the Souja Boy.


With so much cross cultural interaction, I don’t know why this was surprising, but the French also have the Chicken Dance (La Danse des Canards) and the Hokey Pokey.

Sunday night was Asian night at Brian and Eric’s apartment. Since my host family’s son, Florian, is in town, I invited him to go. I made Satay with Peanut Sauce and Brian did a stir-fry and nems. I just want to take a moment to appreciate how interesting the picture below is. On the left we have Florian, a Frenchman who lived in Australia for a year, learning to make Nems, an Asian cuisine, from Brian, an American who grew up in Africa. Though not in this picture, Florian brought a friend who is Brazilian. Really, all we needed was an Antarctican and we’d have Bingo!

In any case, the food was great, the company was great. Because of Florian and his friend, we spoke a very strange mix of Franglais most of the night. The night was so much fun, we forgot to take pictures though.


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