I’m Home!

It’s about 12:30 am right now and I literally just got back from my whirlwind 2 week vacation. During this time, I visited 13 cities:

  1. Avignon
  2. L’Isle Sur la Sorgue
  3. Roussillon
  4. Gordes
  5. Le Luberon
  6. St. Remy de Provence
  7. Les Baux de Provence
  8. St. Tropez
  9. La Capte
  10. Paris
  11. Amsterdam
  12. Brussels
  13. Bruges
(I also meant to go to Luxembourg, but do to budgetary, time, and other constraints, was unable to make that trip)
Needless to say, I’m exhausted. With exams during the next two weeks and Italy with Emmi (from Waukesha) after that, I’m going to be quite honest in saying that I probably will neglect this blog for just a little bit longer. Who knows, maybe I’ll procrastinate on everything else and actually write. Not to worry though, I took notes and jotted down memories in a little notebook I carried with me during all the bus and train rides, all 24ish hours of them.
Now that vacation’s over, it’s good to be home. And by home, I mean Montpellier. Just think, in just 3 weeks, 2 days, and 9 hours I’ll be back home for real in good ol’ Waukesha, Wisconsin USA

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