Today was my last day at my internship; saying goodbye to everyone was a bittersweet occasion. I’ve worked there since the beginning of February and I’m now realizing I haven’t written a word about it since I’ve gotten here. Don’t worry, I’ll still go back and write about Spring Break. With all the photos, those are going to take a little longer.

As I was saying, during my stay, I participated in an internship organized by the University of Minnesota. After filling out a questionnaire about my skills and interests and submitting my CV, I was placed at the Montpellier’s Office of Tourism. There, I worked with the communication’s team. Basically, this meant proofreading or translating into English their publications for web and some for print. In seeing the faults of others in your language, sometimes you learn a little bit more about their language. Take for example this phrase:

“Le zoo de Montpellier n’est pas un poumon vert comme les autres.”

The original translation for this was:

“The zoo of Montpellier is not a green lung like the others”

Upon reading this, my first thought was, what the heck is a green lung? I changed it to:

“Montpellier’s zoo is an urban oasis apart from the rest.”

One thing I really learned is translations are hard work. It’s easy to look at bad translations and laugh, but once you try to do it yourself, it’s not that easy.

After all is said and done, I really enjoyed my experience there. Everyone was really friendly and good humored. A nice byproduct is I always had something to do during the weekend because I generally knew what was going on in the city or near it: festivals, free events, concerts…


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