20 Days Away


Today will be my first day of travel for a 20 day trip away from home. It seems like an appropriate first-blog-post-in-3-years entry. It also serves as a compromise with my mother because I told her I refuse to send her periodic emails saying I’m still alive.

Though it is neither my first time abroad nor my longest trip abroad, it will be a trip filled with firsts: first time in Africa, first time camping, first time sight seeing solo, and probably a few other firsts I am forgetting.

In the next 20 days, I will spend an afternoon in Dublin, 5 days in Marrakesh, 3 days in the desert, 3 days in Barcelona, 4 days in Toulouse, and 3 days in Bordeaux (2 days of travel). The limitation of not having a home base means I’m fitting 20 days of stuff in a backpack. I will have the option to do laundry about midway through. This limitation led to a lot of time spent thinking about packing. In fact, I think I have spent more time thinking about packing that it actually took me to pack. A few helpful blog posts later, here’s what I came up with.

  1. Swim suit
  2. Bike Jersey
  3. Bike Shoes/Pedals
  4. 5 pairs of socks
  5. 1 pairs of flats (I could have fit the second pair of shoes, but then I wouldn’t have as much room to buy stuff there)
  6. Black Bra + Sports Bra (wearing white bra)
  7. Garbage bag (for laundry)
  8. 1 Dress
  9. 8 tops
  10. small cross body purse
  11. Money Bag – Thanks SueSue!
  12. Black Shorts
  13. Linen Pants
  14. Pashmina
  15. Tank Top
  16. Athletic Shorts
  17. Bar Soap, Razor, Toothbrush
  18. make up, comb, headband, bobby pins, hair ties, tweezers, glasses cloth
  19. Sun Screen, Shampoo, Hand Sanitizer, Lotion
  20. Camera
  21. Drugs (pseudoephedrine, diphenhydramine, loperamide)
  22. Toilet Paper
  23.  Journal/small notebook
  24. Kindle, iPod mini, headphones
  25. 3 pens
  26. Raisins
  27. power bar
  28. iodine tablets
  29. phone charger, french phone, french phone charger, outlet converter
  30. water bottle – Thanks Ken + Jennie!
  31. Travel documents
  32. Banjo Brother’s Bag – Thanks Ken (Best Brother Ever!)
  33. Not pictured – What I’m currently wearing (cardigan, pink t-shirt, maxi skirt), gifts, underwear, feminine hygiene (because really, who needs to see that?)



While I’m away, I’m not sure what the internet situation is going to be so I’m not sure how much blogging is actually going to get done abroad. If nothing else, I plan on keeping a paper journal and will have to upload everything when I get back. Until next internet connection!


3 thoughts on “20 Days Away

  1. M! Have a fabulous time! I’m certain you’ll have a terrific adventure, and can’t wait to see your pictures when I see you in May. 🙂 Auntie M

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