Essaouira: The Windy City and Goats in Trees

For our last day in Marrakech before the desert, Dana and I decided to do a day trip to Essaouira, a coastal city known for its picturesque views and strong wind. Her blog post about the trip can be found here.


It is about 3 hours due west from Marrakech via bus. On the way there I was half sleeping, half staring mindlessly out the window when all of a sudden, I saw this: Goats in TreesYes, those are goats…in trees.  I woke up Dana so she could see as well. She caught a glimpse of it and thought she might be dreaming. Who knew goats could climb trees? Once off the bus, we tried to make our way to the fortified city. Inside the ramparts, the narrow streets, colorful shops, and bustle of people almost feels like you are entering a movie set. I guess this sentiment is appropriate seeing as it has served as the back drop for a few movies including a Hollywood rendition of Othello. For lunch, we ducked into a courtyard area and went up to a restaurant terrace. Despite being our third day in Morocco, this was our first tajine – clay pot cooking characteristic of the country’s cuisine. 2014-05-18 IMG_20140430_133633119     The city lives up to its windy reputation. We tried to relax on the beach while we waited for our bus, but the wind and the sand made comfort almost impossible. That said, I think both of us did fall asleep on the beach. IMG_0038 IMG_20140430_233033 IMG_20140430_143727145   After going to the west coast of Morocco, our next three days would be traversing the desert to the eastern edge of the country.


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