Greetings Family, Friends, and anybody else stumbling across this blog,

The Cherry Spoon blog started as a way for me to record and share my experiences from my 2011 semester abroad in Montpellier, France. You can follow that experience from the beginning here. The wanderlust in me wanted to keep the name vague in case I used the blog for subsequent travels. Instead of basing it on my destinations, I decided to base it on my origins. The Spoon Bridge and is one of Minneapolis’ most iconic landmarks. The gardens surrounding the sculpture reminded the artists of Versailles so they added the cherry to reference the decadent desserts of French kings. Since my first destination was France, I thought one of my favorite symbols of Minneapolis could lend a name to my blog. Now, I hope you enjoy reading my adventures over the cherry spoon and into the world.


Ken, Susie, and Me in front of the Cherry Spoon


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Michelle, I just stumbled upon you blog looking for info about Saint Guilhem le desert and I figured maybe you can pass along some advice about traveling in Montpellier. I’m only here for 4 more days and this is my only taste of France on my first trip to Europe so maybe you have some advice for me! My girlfriend and I spent the last month studying abroad in Perugia, Italy and this is purely for fun. If you want to add me or message me on facebook my name is Joseph Montes de Oca, or you can email me at jmonsw21@yahoo.com Thanks and I’m glad to have read some of your entries, seems like it was a blast.

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